How can just two of you do all these moves?

We don’t, we’re the logistics guys. We hook customers up with the right removal services for them and their moving destination, to make sure we get you the best deal possible.

How can I trust the removalists you choose for me?

In a nutshell, you can trust them because we do! The longer answer to this is that we vet our associates and working partners very carefully and we watch them from a distance (in a good way, of course…) before we approach them.

Do you only do specialist removals?

Not at all. Most of our work is regular removals jobs – beds, tables, kids’ toy boxes and so on – but we can undertake the removal and transportation of unusual or high-value items as well. You can trust us with your heirlooms, your pianos and your exotic bantam chickens.

You seem to have a good sense of humour; do you make house moves fun?

While it’s a bit of a stretch to describe house moves as fun, we can certainly make it all feel better. We know how you’re feeling and so we’ve always got five minutes spare to offer advice and encouragement if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed.


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